Factory Sealed

The album opens and closes with droning epics, "Be-In" and "The Creep Out," respectively, but in between there's a plethora of pop songs stamped with the Union Jack and executed in ultramodern fashion. "Minnesoter" is a classic-rock stomp with a sinewy guitar hook; "Good Morning" has a gothic afterglow; and "Every Day Should Be a Holiday" wins the prize for freshest update on Duran Duran. Aside from the popular "Junkie," the album's standout song is "Boys Better," a high-revving rock tune that's half HYsker DY, half America.

Are the Dandys happier with their new product? "Yeah and no," says Holmstrom, finally beginning to wake up. "I definitely like the Black Album a lot, just because it's a little bit weirder. It's not pop-song-oriented. I like pop songs as much as the next person, but I also like things that are a little bit bizarre."

The Black Album may or may not be released in the near future, but at the band's live shows they've been selling a single with two tracks from the fiasco: a rough cut of "Junkie" and a mysterious song called "CCR."

Were Mr. Warhol alive today, he might have imparted some wisdom to the band. After all, as outrageous and out-to-lunch as he was, he knew how to take care of business. While many in his glamorous circle faded from view, Warhol built a financial empire upon his pop art commodities. And somehow he never lost that indefinable sense of cool.

"When we first started, we kind of did have a big group of people around us," Holmstrom points out. "It was a little more Factory-like than it is now. It was a mid-Seventies or Eighties-style Factory -- more business than chaos. We had no choice but to work." He sighs. "Gotta go out and move units!"

The Dandy Warhols perform at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, November 24, at Squeeze, 2 S. New River Dr., Fort Lauderdale, 954-565-2151, with the Longpigs and Treble Charger. Tickets cost $8.

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