Night & Day

January 1-7, 1998

January 7
The Smothers Brothers have taken sibling spats, topical humor, and music on a long ride, and their vehicle is still cruising. Their brotherly banter -- Dick playing the aggressive straight man to Tom's sheepish, guitar-playing smart aleck -- is just mean enough to be funny, not truly mean-spirited. That, combined with continually updated slams on politics and society, has kept them popular with audiences for 35 years. From their own TV series in the Sixties and Eighties to national concert tours and headline gigs in Las Vegas, the pair have continued to evolve. Hey, these days they even have their own Website and wine store. The Boca Pops brings the brothers in for an evening of laughs and music, opening the performance itself with Sci-Fi Music, a set that includes orchestral scores from Star Wars, Species, Independence Day, and other "spacy" films. Performances are today and tomorrow at 8 p.m. at Florida Atlantic University Center Auditorium, 777 Glades Rd., Boca Raton. Tickets range in cost from $35 to $60. Call 561-391-6777.

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