Apples and Oranges

The artist applies the paint in thick brush strokes that leave behind prominent ridges and welts of pigment. And while there's not the sense of dramatic violence you get from a Francis Bacon portrait, Corno's figures have some of the same epic quality, the almost frightening immediacy, of a Bacon painting.

Finally, there are the verdant oils of the Miami painter John Sterpe, who had just dropped off four pictures the last time I visited Art Frenzie. The canvases -- two large horizontals and two medium verticals -- were grouped together, and they went so uncannily well together that I half wondered if they might be fragments of a much larger work.

Sterpe's palette is composed almost entirely of greens, with a few browns and yellows worked in here and there, but it's an astonishingly nuanced range of greens. His subject, at least in these four paintings, is the subtropical landscape, specifically trees and other lush foliage at the edge of a body of water, painted with the meticulous attention to detail of photorealism. There is no sign of animal life in these images, and yet they're intensely alive, simmering with a quiet energy that's also strangely soothing.

There seems to be a good bit of turnover at Art Frenzie, which is not surprising given the volume and variety of the gallery's stock. And while Zizzo and Burke are open to showcasing specific artists from time to time, they're clearly less interested in one-person shows than a lot of other commercial galleries. In other words, if you visit Art Frenzie and like what you see, go back again sometime to check on the constantly changing lineup.

Art Frenzie is located in the Shoppes of Wilton Manors, 2244 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors, 954-537-3518.

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