A Legendary Bachelor Pad Sets Sail -- Again

Part plane, part boat, the Cosmic Muffin claims links to billionaire recluse Howard Hughes and musician-merchandiser Jimmy Buffett

Drimmer's dream of piggybacking on the Buffett mystique occurs at a time when Buffett lawyers have been eagerly suing restaurants and other businesses they perceive to have misappropriated the names of Buffett ballads. "Cheeseburger in Paradise," for example, was until recently the name of a restaurant in Hawaii; "Margaritaville," a dining spot in Kingman, Arizona.

"The last thing I want to do is piss Jimmy off and step on his intellectual property," Drimmer says earnestly. "A lot of people do that. I just want to do business with him. We're just fine with everything in the Buffett world."

Buffett himself couldn't be reached through his record label or Hollywood talent agent. His assistant in Key West, Cindy Thompson, calls Drimmer and his marketeering efforts "harmless."

"We don't think there's anything to worry about," Thompson says. "Jimmy was just inspired by the boat. He's like that. You'd be surprised how many ideas he's gotten from bathroom walls. He files it all away, and then he pulls it out of his brain at some later point."

Drimmer says he'll soon be ready to rent the Cosmic Muffin to folks who want to bask in the Buffett mystique or commune with the ghosts of Hughes or other former bachelor-owners. He isn't sure how wild he would want the communing to get: "We like to think of it as the unofficial birthplace of the Mile High Club," he notes. "We like to to think Howard got his ya-yas out onboard. But would you feel comfortable if someone rented out your home to go running around naked in


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