Jerry's Kids

Waxman is right: B.O.B. does occasionally slip up. During one recent concert, as the band tackled the Beatles' Abbey Road suite, the beat skipped a little on the transition to "Polythene Pam." Segueing into "The End," Waxman's guitar and Hahn's bass seem to lose each other for a split second. But these rough edges, not unlike those at a Dead or Phish show, add to B.O.B.'s feeling of spontaneity and even sheer silliness. In bringing the Abbey Road suite to its finale, "Her Majesty" becomes a country and western rave-up, galloping along until coming to a halt for a version of the Jefferson Airplane classic "White Rabbit."

The band's original songs mine the classic-rock/Dead vein. The reggae-tinged "Oh So Mellow" declares "She makes me mellow 'cause she's black/She makes me mellow 'cause she's blond" -- a reference to certain strains of hashish, which came from a slogan on a pack of Rastafarian rolling papers. The spritely, ants-in-your-pants energy of "Station," a Munoz original, recalls Little Feat and the Spin Doctors. Waxman has written a version of the Monkees' "I'm a Believer" titled "I'm an Amoeba."

Yet Jerry's ghost will always keep a firm hand on the band. On the monitor in front of the stage at Sneakers lies a crumpled T-shirt with a parade of smiley-faced dancing bears. The bears seem to be staring up at Waxman and Munoz, as if to remind them that no matter what they do, Jerry's watching. And probably smiling.

B.O.B. plays every Friday night at Sneakers Sports Grill, 112 S. 20th Ave. in Hollywood. Call 954-929-3902 for details.

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