Lastly, we wanted to state that the vast majority of couples that we know practice "safe sex" when engaging in intercourse, and many couples don't even go that far, preferring to do "everything else" but intercourse. However, there are all types, and as long as everyone involved is mutually consenting, who is to set the parameters? This is what sexual freedom is all about. While my wife and I are not sure if this is something that we will do for our entire marriage or if it is just a stage in our marriage, we do agree that whatever we decide to do, it will be done together and without regret. So, Al, what's on the History Channel tonight?

Name Withheld by Request

Plugging the Politics of Pop
Bravo Michael Freedman! It's about time West Palm Beach citizens are informed of the true goings-on at City Hall and in the government committee meetings taking place throughout the county ("The Politics of Pop," June 4). Although a reporter from The Palm Beach Post was in the courtroom during at least part of Jeff Koons' divorce proceedings, typically, nothing was published in the local paper at the time (several months before Koons was up for reelection). It seems it only became newsworthy when word got out that Michael Freedman had uncovered the wrongdoings and that New Times would be printing an in-depth piece on what was happening. Were the issues finally addressed in the Post in hopes that citizens wouldn't bother reading the New Times article, since they would have already read a similar story in the Post? For readers who overlooked Freedman's article, it's well worth requesting a back issue of the paper for "The Politics of Pop."

Now if you could get the word out about the perilous financial state of the City of West Palm Beach (we'll be approximately $300 million in debt by the end of this year); the true extent of the misuse of city funds by Mayor Michael Wright and city staff; the total amount of city land sold in recent years to balance the city budget; the negative financial effect airport expansion will bring to West Palm Beach, Cloud Lake, Glen Ridge, and Haverhill; unchallenged violations of the Sunshine Law and numerous other issues; and what it cost the city to sell the auditorium (money and equipment returned to the county, asbestos and other cleanup, political favors following donations to the mayor's P.A.C., cancellation of existing contracts, security costs, fees for city attorney acting as counsel for the Watchtower Group, et cetera). With the all the goings-on at City Hall, one could keep a daily newspaper busy.

Patricia M. High
West Palm Beach

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