Stepping From the Shadows

Private eye Max Caulfield's mysterious past includes a stint in the federal Witness Protection Program. After more than a decade of intrigue and paranoia, he's going public.

Caulfield does have a little leverage when it comes to investigating people -- he works on criminal cases from time to time for a few federal agencies. As with most everything else he's done, he has the documents to prove it.

On the rare occasions these days that he has the means, Caulfield likes to drink an occasional Jack Daniel's and Coke at the Bimini Boatyard Bar and Grill. He slicks his dark hair straight back and usually has some form of a graying, patchy beard. His eyes are often bloodshot, because, no matter what time of day it is, he might have just gotten up, or maybe he didn't sleep at all. At times like this, he's actually laid back.

Caulfield is glad people are going to hear about his strange, and at times catastrophic, life. He doesn't know if the Mob is still after him or not, but he says if they come he'll be ready.

He wants to get out of the private eye business and become a full-time bodyguard. Ideally, he says, he would have a business dedicated to protecting women from stalkers. He's thought of calling the business "Stalker Stopper."

He likes to talk about good guys and bad guys. When asked on which side he falls, Caulfield, with a kink in his expressive and rather striking blue eyes, says, "I'm a bad good guy."

It seems like a fair assessment.
Caulfield also considers himself a survivor. Indeed, he's survived the Mob, the Witness Protection Program, Robert Suggs, Scott Mathews, and a list of stalkers, kidnappers, and other bad actors too long to name.

"But do you know what I've really survived? Do you know what the truth is?" he asks, excited that he has the answer. "I've survived myself.

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