Little Shop of Wonders

Japanese artist Susumu Endo uses digital technology to achieve dramatically different results. His offset lithographs, in editions of 75 to 100, are serene landscapes offering Zenlike simplicity and harmony. He appears to start with images of forest foliage, which he then overlays with geometric shapes and washes of soft color.

The radiant Nature 8, for example, from Endo's early-'90s "Space & Space" series, features dense, barely differentiated foliage in shades of yellow and green, set off by a dark-edged rectangle that's superimposed onto the main square. Nature 95d, from the same series, layers two squares and a triangle among its rich green leaves, throwing the shapes into sharp relief with bright patches of light along the edges. In his more recent "Horizon" series, Endo imposes an artificial horizon onto the images; in the starkly beautiful Horizons 3, for example, a single tree with a tangle of bare branches stands in the middle of a rocky field.

There's a seeming sameness to Endo's work that some might find off-putting -- leaves and more leaves, shapes and more shapes, in print after print, with only slight variations in color, size, and composition. But I like to think of these pieces as visual equivalents of experimental composer Brian Eno's ambient music. These are pieces that invite detached contemplation as surely as a Zen koan -- ambient landscapes that create and sustain an atmosphere of calm and clarity.

The Bock Gallery is located in the Fountains Shoppes of Distinction, 801 S. University Dr., #C-109, Plantation. For information call 954-915-8887.

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