Chan Still the Man

For his part Tucker is quite good here, but, as in The Fifth Element (1997), a little bit of him goes a long, long way. His screeching motor mouth persona can grow wearisome very quickly. (One of the reasons 48HRS. worked so well was the modulation and depth of Eddie Murphy's performance -- he was a motor mouth, but he didn't screech.)

Still, I hope that Rush Hour gives Chan's Hollywood career the boost it needs; I also hope that next time out he gets to play the principal protagonist. Rush Hour ends with an obvious setup for a sequel -- Carter going to Hong Kong for a vacation, flying off with Lee. If there's a Rush Hour 2, it'll be on Chan's turf -- and with luck it'll be Chan's film.

Rush Hour.
Directed by Brett Ratner. Written by Jim Kouf and Ross Lamanna. Starring Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Ken Leung, Elizabeth Pena, and Tzi Ma.

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