*Around the same period that the anonymous letter to MacArthur High was sent, other letters were sent to the superintendent of schools, complaining of favoritism towards women when full-time contracts were awarded in adult-education programs. Andy was a part-time, hourly teacher who had long been vocal about not having a full-time contract with benefits.

*In the early '90s, Andy ran for the Broward County School Board. The Miami Herald published the story of the plot to kill his aunt. Andy lost the election and sued the school board for releasing the information. He has since been denying what he told me and has accused me of making up the story. He also, in the article, accuses me of writing the anonymous letter. This is outrageous, ludicrous, and not true. He is trying to use me as a scapegoat, it would seem, in his attempt to win a large sum of money from the school board.

*As for Grace Stadelmyer's statement that I confided in her about writing anonymous letters, this is completely untrue. The nature of the letters themselves had nothing to do with me. She and Andrew Greene were very close friends, and her nephew was Andy's first attorney in the lawsuit. I can only guess at her motivation for concocting this story.

When the reporter [Cheshes] wrote the "Schoolgate" story, he did try to contact me for my statement. Unfortunately I was on vacation, and the story was printed without my side of the story. This is my belated response.

Nancy Adams, Ph.D.
Boca Raton

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