Lost at Sea

Now for some nuts and bolts -- or, if you prefer, bones and scales -- issues. Try not to pile plain shoestring French fries next to one entree and seasoned fries next to another, particularly if they're destined for the same table. If you're going to serve grilled scallops on skewers, make sure the diner knows this beforehand, and while I'm on the subject, smell the scallops before you send them out of the kitchen -- ours were spoiled. And if a server is going to offer a table a free piece of moist and tangy key lime bundt cake to compensate for a botched meal, instruct him not to tell the diners that he "stole" it. In other words, make sure a manager approves of such a gesture.

Speaking of managers, don't expect to find one when you need one. Though we sent back two dishes the night we dined, no one in charge ever appeared. And when I called to chat with someone at the restaurant, I must have gotten the same fellow who gave me directions.

Me: Can I speak to the manager?
Him: Which manager?
Me: The general manager.
Him: George?
Me: Sure, OK.
Him: Oh, he's not in.

Location Info


Islamorada Fish Co

10040 Gulf Center Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33913

Category: Retail

Region: Outside South Florida

At Islamorada Fish Company, I wonder if anybody is.

Islamorada Fish Company. 220 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, 954-927-7737. Lunch and dinner daily from 11 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Smoked fish dip

Steamed clams (one dozen)

Grouper Reuben

Grilled tuna

Key lime bundt cake

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