The More Greece, theBetter

Aegean Isles has a short but authentic all-Greek wine list, which includes varieties of retsina and chardonnay. While the eatery doesn't have a list of wines-by-the-glass, the management will pour a glass of whatever's open, and even the retsina was better than the stuff I've had at other Greek restaurants. For dessert we wound up with a richer-than-average galaktobouriko, a thick layer of custard surrounded by buttery, flaky phyllo.

Melissa Jones

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Aegean Isles

297 E. Palmetto Park Road
Boca Raton, FL 33432-5013

Category: Restaurant > Greek

Region: Boca Raton

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I admit I have a fondness for many things Greek for personal reasons: My husband proposed to me on the island of Páros, and my daughter's name, Zoe, is Greek for "life." Frankly, I often dine on lousy souvlaki for nostalgia's sake. But the friendliness and sincerity at Aegean Isles gives me another, more legitimately culinary, excuse for goingGreek. Fire away: Owner Nick Tsiavos serves updinner

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