Juris (Not So) Prudence

A Pompano company strikes marketing gold by screwing a lawyer on video

It's just another door opening for Selles -- and for Atlantic Worldwide. The biggest door belonged to radio-and-television talker Howard Stern, as Dodsworth stuck his foot into what he reverently calls the "Power of Stern." He sent a press release to Stern -- who is fixated on strippers and porn stars -- and Stern bit on the lawyer-in-a-porno bait. On July 15 Selles found herself doing Stern's live radio show and this Saturday night the videotaped version of her visit will be shown on Stern's network TV show on CBS. And in September it'll be played on Stern's cable show on E! Entertainment Television. Throw in some interest by Esquire magazine and national sex rags, and you have an incredible marketing success for a video that was made on a shoestring. (The entire cost to shoot and make the tapes was about $25,000.)

Dodsworth says they've sold all 2000 original copies and are waiting for another shipment to come in. The company's goal, Druck says, is simple: "Playboy is the girl next door, right? We're trying to take video of the girl next door, except it's all hard-core." In Selles' case, she just happens to be the lawyer next door. "Finally the public gets to see a lawyer getting screwed instead of the other way around," Druck says. What Druck didn't want publicized is the fact that Selles is also an aspiring dominatrix, which explains the tattoo over her not-so-private-anymore area (which is also pierced with a ring) that proclaims "MASTER'S." "The dominatrix-next-door" just doesn't quite have the same ring to it, apparently. In the video's documentary-style interview (which is partially scripted), Selles makes the claim that she'd had sex with only three men and no women during her entire life.

Atlantic Worldwide started with some cheap equipment (the only prop seems to be a recurring straw hat with a plastic daisy in it) and a classified ad in New Times. Most of the women who answer the ad are reluctant at first and need to be coaxed into it, says Druck. While Selles seems to be the master of her own destiny, others aren't quite so self-assured. Not surprisingly there's a dark side to the business. "Half of them you'll never hear from again, and half of them are sorry that they ever did it," says Druck. "It's a one-shot deal. They do it for only one reason -- they need the money that day."

Smut? Absolutely. But the new video featuring a member of the Florida Bar is also marketing gold, says Atlantic Worldwide president Mike Dodsworth.
Melissa Jones
Smut? Absolutely. But the new video featuring a member of the Florida Bar is also marketing gold, says Atlantic Worldwide president Mike Dodsworth.

The company, which despite all the hubbub hasn't yet turned a profit, is about to expand its horizons. In addition to its Website, www.atlanticworldwide.com, and new flicks in the works, Druck and Dodsworth are planning a trip to Russia in the winter. It's their latest sure-fire gimmick: They think they have a good chance to score a beautiful doctor in tundra country to star in one of their videos. The lure: cold, hard American cash.

Selles, meanwhile, might not be done with XXX-rated videos, either.

"It's nothing I would shy away from," she says. "It's just me being me."

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