So You Want to be a Rock 'n' Roll Star -- Again?

Flat out Super TransAtlantic

Today's local scene is a mere shadow of what it once was. The number of venues for live bands falls staggeringly short of what South Florida could handle. Musicians themselves are quick to complain about the pathetic local scene and the overall lack of an audience. According to Bieler there are bands that rise above these alleged circumstances. Bands like Nonpoint. "A band like that is a great example," he says. "Go see that band, and then tell me no one goes out and sees live bands. Have all the other bands… explain that."

Not only has Bieler survived the rough-and-tumble South Florida rock scene, he's made quite a name for himself as a producer. Since producing Saigon Kick's last few records, he's worked with many up-and-coming artists. He has built relationships with various A&R people and has been given the opportunity to find bands and produce them himself, which is how he wound up working with Nonpoint and Push. When asked if he is genuinely into the bands he produces, Bieler says, "I have to like them. The problem with me, and the biggest detriment to my [producing] career, is my diverse taste in music. It has definitely caused a problem." The problem is that recording musicians usually want a specialty producer for their genres, whether it's metal, country, or whatever. In the business it is generally better to be known for producing just one type of music, as opposed to being multifaceted.

Fortunately for Bieler his production roster is full at the moment. And if that isn't enough good news for him, he has just been endorsed by Digidesign for the company's high-end Pro Tools studio-recording program, an honor awarded previously only to Trent Reznor, Lenny Kravitz, and Butch Vig. Digidesign is even using some STA music to demonstrate Pro Tools in music stores around the country, giving Bieler and company credibility and exposure.

Super TransAtlantic (left to right): Rick Sanders, Jason Bieler, Pat Badger, and Pete Dembrowski
Super TransAtlantic (left to right): Rick Sanders, Jason Bieler, Pat Badger, and Pete Dembrowski

"I can honestly say I'm really proud of everything I've been involved in musically," he says. As the STA juggernaut rolls forward, he'll no doubt have increasingly less time to recall past accomplishments. With a new album and several intriguing projects in the works, Bieler is once again set to encounter his own promising future.

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