Short Cuts

The Busy Signals, Sekou Sundiata, Methods of Mayhem

The Busy Signals
The Busy Signals

Lee stepped behind the mic on Generation Swine to warble "Brandon," a maudlin ballad about his son. It was at that point that a manager or close friend should have intervened by telling him, in a nice way, that pounding drums and banging blondes were his natural callings. But Lee's ego got the best of him, so he's now fashioned himself into a hip-hop dude. He recruited other wannabe black guys like Fred Durst and Kid Rock to yelp on his record, along with rappers such as Lil' Kim, Snoop Dogg, and U-God of the Wu-Tang Clan. The result is one of the most ghastly records ever recorded -- a frantic, aggro-white-boy frat party of utmost ugliness. Lee rants about the media, who, he notes with typical eloquence, "make up shit." He's also pissed at the cops. On "Proposition Fuck You," he offers the following advice: "Tired of the boys in blue/Running up on your crew?/ You know what to do/Tell them, 'Fuck you!'" Lee also pontificates about racial disharmony and, more pointedly, advises his female fans to "rip off their clothes and expose [their] busts." Vanilla Ice is Mozart compared to this shit. -- Adam Bergman

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