The Plot To Depose King Jenne

Democrats and Republicans, blacks and whites, have banded together for one simple reason: to stop Ken Jenne from becoming Broward's first strong mayor.

Although she voices suspicion about the motives of several members of the committee, Bogdanoff says her alliance with them is the only way the GOP can gain a foothold in Broward County.

She makes this point during a crowded lunch hour at Chuck's Steak House on 17th Street in southeast Fort Lauderdale. She has chosen the restaurant for conversation, she explains, because she figures she won't be seen talking, either by other members of the steering committee or by Jenne supporters. But no sooner does she arrive than Bogdanoff catches a glimpse of several Jenne consultants dining in a private room.

Though not as dramatic or posed as a Flemish painting, the scene bears an unmistakable whisper of conspiracy and maneuver. And Bogdanoff picks a seat as far from the room as she can get, with her back to the wall. After lunch she hurries out, hoping not to be spotted.

Lionel Stewart wants to take Jenne's place as sheriff
Melissa Jones
Lionel Stewart wants to take Jenne's place as sheriff

"I wanted to go back and just look, see who's there," she confesses, "but then I thought this might not be a good time."

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