Letters to the Editor

Letters for February 10, 2000

As Julie Kay made mention, Giulianti and her cronies at city hall seem to be doing everything possible to stop Joy Mack -- a black woman and probably the most qualified candidate in District 2 -- from being elected to the Hollywood City Commission.

While Giulianti and her neighbors in Emerald Hills worry about whether or not the swales on the streets there are manicured enough to their satisfaction, the Liberia neighborhood remains chronically blighted. While there's a wealth of police cars patrolling Emerald Hills, the cops, whose union supports Giulianti because she continues to support their bloated salaries and perks (all at taxpayer expense), seem to be missing in District 2, except to harass innocent citizens.

If integrity is the issue in the race for mayor, Mara Giulianti should step down now, before Election Day. No wonder Giulianti did not return calls from New Times to respond to allegations about stacking the District 2 race against Joy Mack. What could she say except probably to lie to protect her already tainted reputation?

She's lucky her father lives in Hillcrest and has convinced those foolish old farts to vote for her (with a wink at the fact she is a "member of the tribe" -- Jewish!). Maybe, just once, the Metamucil crowd at Hillcrest will look past her heritage and realize what a scourge Mara Giulianti has been as mayor of Hollywood.

Harvey "By the Way, I'm Jewish" Slavin

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