Good Timing

A Delicate Balance

Pat Nesbit (left) and Kim Cozort take a moment to dull the pain
Pat Nesbit (left) and Kim Cozort take a moment to dull the pain


Directed by Michael Hall. Written by Edward Albee. Starring Angie Radosh, Joe Warik, Pat Nesbit, Kim Cozort, Elizabeth Dimon, and Bob Rogerson. Through April 2.
Caldwell Theatre Company, 7873 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton, 561-241-7432 or 800- 930-6400.

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One of the benefits of living in South Florida is that there can be a demanding theater audience (retirees, New Yorkers, snowbirds, and others, many of whom grew up on good theater). In an interview with Steven Samuels, Albee said that many regional theaters choose things they know will be popular to please people and to avoid disturbing people. Fortunately for us a topnotch and mentally stimulating production of A Delicate Balance leaves at least this regional theater out of the mediocre loop. The play is reason enough to go to Boca and more reason to have hope in regional South Florida theater.

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