Boy Sets Fire w/the Agency & Poison the Well, Silver Nightingale, Strych-Nine

Wilansky and G. met via the Musician's Support Network, a loose-knit local coalition of musicians, singers, and songwriters that meets monthly. Wilansky began the group to get local acts to cooperate rather than compete.

Wilansky says her support group is based in the tenets of positive thinking and self-actualization, and G. evidently came away with a full dose. "Our band's realistic on this," he explained. "The $25 or $50 -- or even $100 or $200 we get sometimes for a gig -- that's a pittance, a drop in the bucket. That pays for a few drumsticks and a bar tab. This way the money's going to a worthy cause, and it's sparking some interest in the community." As well it should, simply for the attempt to join such diverse forces. "Especially this diverse," laughed G. "I mean, she is totally Celtic!"

Silver Nightingale sounded excited. "They're going to turn me up really loud," she promises.

Expect the show to include a Silver Nightingale warm-up before Strych-Nine takes the stage. Nightingale will sit in on four songs, including a number to be dedicated to Matthew Collins, the Fort Lauderdale guitarist whose burned corpse was discovered two weeks ago.

If it's in your heart to help out with the Send a Flautist to Stonehenge program, get down to the Roxy, 4000 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, for the 8:30 p.m. show Friday, April 21. Seven dollars gets you in the door and helps put Silver Nightingale on a transatlantic flight.

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