Brooklyn's Best Italian Ices

Hadley Hooper

Location Info


Uncle Louie G's Italian Ices

1808 Young Circle
Hollywood, FL 33020

Category: Restaurant > Italian

Region: Hollywood

Closed Location
If you've gone outside lately, you've probably noticed that the balmy days of winter are over and summer's setting in with a vengeance. The traditional methods for cooling down are swimming pools and ice cream, but if the fat-laden latter sounds more heavy than refreshing, consider an alternative: Brooklyn's Best Italian Ices (1800 S. Young Cir., Hollywood, 954-921-2255). Similar to gelato, the ices are usually dairy-free, though some of the richer ones have a touch of milk. Either way, strong flavors like mango, lemon, coconut, watermelon, banana, and even bubble gum, believe it or not, are especially stimulating on a sunny day. Admittedly the Young Circle location doesn't exactly say Brooklyn to nostalgia-seekers. Until you talk to the staff, that is -- they'll recite the flavors for you in pure Brooklynese. And somehow watermelon tastes even better as "what-a-melon."
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