The Widow and the Nurse, Part Two

When Bridget Garcia told police that her boss' son had raped her, they barely listened. This is her story.

"Everything is explainable," he continued. "There was a bond struck between these two women that is so intense that to this date Bridget is willing to almost sacrifice everything to protect the woman. There is no doubt there was a genuine bonding between two human beings there. It wasn't because she was surreptitiously trying to inveigle her way into this woman's life."

Holmes got up from his chair, walked over to his office door, and called Bridget in to clarify something he'd neglected to cover in the exam. "When you made the initial report to the police, you said you were assaulted. Why didn't you tell them that he actually raped you?" he asked.

"Because of Gina," Bridget responded softly. "I didn't want to hurt Regina."Daniel disputes Holmes' findings. "I cannot accept those results!" he bellows over the telephone from his home in Israel. "I don't know who this so-called lie detector is. He sounds very, very phony to me. And if the police arranged for her to have a lie detector test, I'm sure they did it properly. He claims to be an expert. I have to wonder what he's going to gain from it. It's also possible that Bridget has gotten to him. My point to you is you'd better cover yourself.

Regina bought this North Miami Beach house and allowed Bridget to live in it rent-free
Regina bought this North Miami Beach house and allowed Bridget to live in it rent-free
Regina bought this North Miami Beach house and allowed Bridget to live in it rent-free
Jenny Zeiner
Regina bought this North Miami Beach house and allowed Bridget to live in it rent-free

"Bridget is simply a pathological liar," he adds emphatically. "I repeat, she is a pathological liar. I warn you as a reporter not to trust one damned thing she says. If Bridget tries to find fault with the first test and intends to use this test in her support, then it's time for us to crush Bridget. We'll go after her."

Bridget claims that Michael Snyder has already tried to crush her. On May 8 Bridget secured a temporary restraining order protecting her from, in her words, Snyder's "bizarre behavior." Although she did not employ an attorney when she filed her petition for the restraining order, her complaint is full of legalese courtesy of the courthouse clerk who helped her complete the paperwork. Bridget is the petitioner and Snyder is the respondent.

"While placing his finger close to the petitioner's face, the respondent stated to the petitioner: "Listen, I'm a very powerful man and I can wipe you off the face of the earth.' The respondent was angry because the petitioner did not accept a check from the respondent that was an attempt to keep the petitioner quiet about the rape.... The respondent also threatened the petitioner by stating that "my father is the mayor of Aventura and I just have to snap my finger and anything can happen to you.'"

Bridget's attempt to have the temporary injunction made permanent was dismissed on May 23, the judge having decided there was insufficient evidence to believe Snyder was a threat. By then the police investigation of her rape charges had already concluded. She was never informed that her allegation was deemed unfounded.

Three months ago Bridget moved into a modest house located in a primarily black neighborhood in north Miami-Dade County. Her phone number is not listed, and her address is not included in public documents relating to her case. She is not trying to generate support for her officially discredited version of events. After initially, if reluctantly, cooperating with New Times, she recently asked that this article not be written.

"I just want to disappear," she says quietly. She is sitting at her dining room table, wearily recounting yet again the chronology of her history with Regina. She is tired of telling the story. While she talks she absently fiddles with the diamond ring Regina gave her, pulling it off her leathery finger and then slipping it back on. "That's what I'd really like to do," she continues, "disappear. I remember I told that to Gina several times, and she stopped me. I said, "I just want to go somewhere and never come back.' She said, "Honey, don't do that. I need you here with me. We have to stick together, you know?'"

To finance her move after being evicted, Bridget sold the Infiniti G20 Regina bought for her. She still has the ring, of course, along with a handful of Regina's mail. Included in the pile is a check from Regina for $1000 that Bridget never cashed. She also saved the clothes she was wearing on the day of the alleged attack. They are stored in a gray plastic bag that crinkles as she removes a simple ivory blouse, then a pair of white polyester pants. The blouse appears torn at the neck. The pants remain soiled with the blood from Daniel's alleged attack. Also inside the bag is the pair of panties she says she was wearing. She told Detective Cumbie about the clothes, she says, but he never asked to see them.

"Detective Cumbie visited me when I lived [in Miami Beach immediately following her eviction]," she recalls. "I told him I could even describe Daniel's private parts. I told him, but he never asked me to do so. So I just dropped it. I don't care what anyone says; Daniel and I know it happened. And Gina knows it happened."

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