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Hollywood music maven Chrystal Hartigan has big plans for the next millennium

She's cowritten tunes with local pop-rocker Billy Livesay, folk-blues singer Kathy Fleishmann, and country songwriter Michael Judge, a former South Floridian who relocated to Nashville. The song she wrote with Livesay, "Breakthrough," is being considered by the Backstreet Boys, among others. "I've got a country song that I'd love to get to Clint Black, but he's very hard to get to," she adds.

She's also focusing more energy on seeking grants to fund music-in-schools programs similar to the volunteer effort started through Songwriters, and she plans to organize music showcases and bring in talent scouts from labels.

And while she's busy building a stable of songwriters for Hollywood East, she's also planning her first big event for next year, a songwriters festival.

Chrystal Hartigan makes South Florida safe for songwriters
Joshua Prezant
Chrystal Hartigan makes South Florida safe for songwriters


Monday, September 25. Admission to the 7 p.m. event is free. See "Concerts For the Week" for a list of acts. Call 954-929-0982 or 954-742-6874.
Alligator Alley, 2079 N. University Dr., Sunrise

"I've actually been wanting to do that for a couple of years, and I'm just really working away at it now," says Hartigan, noting that the idea came to her while attending Nashville's Tin Pan South, a full week of songwriter showcases. Her one-night event will be held in downtown Hollywood at roughly 15 clubs. "There are an awful lot of songwriters here, so that's not even a problem," she says. "But I would like to get some of the songwriters -- some of the accomplished ones who have hits out -- from Nashville, L.A., and New York, so I'm talking with some of the publishing companies in those areas to send their writers here. And just as I did with Lovefest, I'll invite A&R reps, managers, and producers."

She has the fest tentatively scheduled for next spring. The working title? "2001: A Songwriters' Odyssey."

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