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Mustang Sally's

Look, I could be eating $150-per-ounce beluga caviar, I still reserve the right to be horrified if the stuff is off. At least the restaurant took the bum steer off the check. But since we'd already complained about a bowl of ice-cold clam chowder, made with a clear broth that might have been palatable at the proper temperature, as well as the steak, we didn't dare bring attention to anything else that evening. That included the slipper lobster tails that were also iffy in terms of freshness. The lobster tails, about two ounces each, had appeared on a sampler platter along with a diminutive stuffed crab back, a rubbery boneless chicken breast, and overly sweet St. Louis barbecued ribs. We also didn't care for the roasted red peppers, which exuded a tinny odor and canned flavor, on top of a Mexican pizza appetizer, the base of which looked like the Boboli you buy in the supermarket.

Oddly enough the two most successful items of the evening were ones that don't seem to fit the steak house theme. "Dried and fried" string beans, an Asian-influenced starter, were slightly soggy green beans, stir-fried with a tangy, spicy red chili sauce. A main course of jambalaya, spelled "jumbalaya" on the menu, featured a pile of rice topped with tender chunks of chicken, rounds of andouille sausage, mussels, and shrimp, all blanketed with a zesty pink cream sauce.

Aside from those dishes, a serving of mashed potatoes -- a creamy, lumpy, home-style mixture topped with rich gravy -- was pleasant. Another side portion of sautéed mushrooms did indeed seem to have been cooked in real butter. A diner who likes iceberg lettuce could make do with the generous house salad that comes with many of the entrées; though dressings are commercial blue cheese or Thousand Island, they're served on the side and are plentiful.

A restaurant not even a stuffed gorilla could love
Joshua Prezant
A restaurant not even a stuffed gorilla could love

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Mustang Sally's

5834 S. Flamingo Road
Cooper City, FL 33330

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Cooper City


954-434-2008. Lunch and dinner daily from 11:30 a.m. till 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday till 11 p.m.
5834 S. Flamingo Rd., Cooper City

Desserts include a Belgian waffle topped with Jaxson's ice cream and the "chocolate beast," a layer cake with chocolate sauce. But given the tenor of your meal at Mustang Sally's, you might just wish to spend your money on more rewarding beasts: the stuffed animals in the arcade game. Otherwise Mustang Sally's is just a monkey on the diner's back.

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