Divining Dorothy

A South Florida woman and friends employ pendulums, rods, and intuition to peruse the paranormal

The 68-year-old Rudge agrees. He has dowsed since he was 12 years old and believes the more precise the question, the more accurate the response. "With dowsing you don't have to guess anymore. It's either yes or no. There're no maybes," he says. "Isn't that beautiful?"

Dorothy Roberts, caught in the act
Joshua Prezant
Dorothy Roberts, caught in the act

When Rudge, Roberts, and the others gather for their chapter's monthly meeting, there's always at least a half-hour of instruction and experiments. Sometimes they attempt to decipher the difference between covered cups of motor oil, cooking oil, and water. Other times they use their tools to try to match people with their handwriting. The exercises offer practice, not to mention a good time. "Some people think we're nuts," says Roberts with her trademark husky laugh. "But we don't. We're having a ball."

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