Hypocrisy Ahead

Team Bush loses its case-and loses sight of Dubya's so-called principles-in a Miami court

Now, even before taking office, Bush has tried to trump state law with federal power, exposing his putative core beliefs on the role of government to be nothing more than crapola.

Needless to say, this story was still in motion as New Times went to press. It's unclear whether Bush will appeal Middlebrooks' decision or whether the federal gambit will be moot. (Indeed Dubya's ace in the hole appears to be hard-core Bushie and Florida Secretary of State Katherine "E! Fashion Emergency" Harris.) What is clear is that the likely Prez-elect is neither a keen strategist nor a shrewd judge of people. His legal team was underprepared and undermanned. While he sold himself as a man who will bring great minds into the White House, he proved himself a failure at choosing a legal team -- and at articulating a coherent position on why the recount should be stopped.

Broadcasting the South Florida vote
Steve Satterwhite
Broadcasting the South Florida vote

If Gore loses after all the counting stops, the country will likely have to suffer not only a numbskull on top but his army of numbskull minions as well. What's James Watt up to these days?

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