Letters to the Editor

Letters for November 23, 2000

The figure of 19,000 votes thrown out for either overvoting or undervoting is incorrect. The correct number is closer to 30,000. Please hold our communities here and across the country in light and love.

Arianna Rose
via the Internet

Slow down and count to 10... or 10,000: Fairness vs. expediency. All citizens, especially federal and state employees, have a responsibility to ensure fair elections and to make certain that every registered voter has a chance to have his or her vote count. This "butterfly ballot" issue in Florida has negated many votes. This is not right!

This election has been important because it has renewed and reinforced the importance of every single vote and every voter's responsibility to participate. To now say that, due to a badly laid-out ballot, in a state run by one candidate's brother, some votes won't count will tarnish the election and negate much of the positive impact on future elections.

I strongly urge everyone to make sure this does not happen. I can understand the urge, in the name of expediency, simply to accept the decision of Florida voters after the final recount. I repeat, this is not good for the future of our country. We should insist these wronged voters somehow get a chance to have their votes counted before a decision is made on our next President. Fairness is an American ideal. Let us ensure that it is applied fully to this election.

Matt O'Keefe
via the Internet

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