Bedroom Community

Tuesday Morning Records puts out an eclectic mix of sounds from the comfort of its founder's home

True to Tuesday Morning's ephemeral m.o., Rippe won't dwell too long on these pristine pieces. He hints that the Ionian/ H.A.L.O. Vessel disc is not long for this world. "I'm pretty sure I'll keep it a limited edition," he says. "Once they're gone, they're gone. I'm going to put out 100, and then we'll see."

That philosophy has followed the label since its first release in 1993, when Rippe was still in high school and was part of the Miami-based group Swivel Stick. Today an instrumental electronica-jazz hybrid outfit, Swivel Stick began as a testosterone-driven hardcore band with Rippe on bass and vocals. (He still plays bass in the group.) Its debut -- and Tuesday Morning's first product --was a five-song cassette EP titled The Caffeine Demo. Rippe dubbed copies at home on blank tapes and decorated them with a hand-drawn band logo photocopied on green and yellow paper. A flurry of Swivel Stick cassettes and vinyl singles followed.

Tuesday Morning's first foray into CDs occurred in 1999 and featured an all-electronic project by Rippe called Enamored Gazes, which utilized older analog synthesizers (hence a different name from Ionian, which incorporates higher-tech equipment).

Richard Rippe (top), Ed Matus, and Melissa Viscount 
attain a certain DIY hierarchy
Joshua Prezant
Richard Rippe (top), Ed Matus, and Melissa Viscount attain a certain DIY hierarchy


Midnight Saturday, December 9, Cover is $5. Call 305-242-3120.
"PopLife," in Piccadilly Garden, 35 NE 40th St., Miami

A distribution deal seemed the next logical step for Rippe's increasingly professional-sounding product. "By the time Enamored Gazes came out, I tried a few distributors on my own with no luck," he says with a shrug. "But my music kept moving anyway, so I wasn't going to concentrate too much on that."

Distribution deal or no, Rippe doesn't seem to care much. He doesn't even mind losing money on his endeavors. "I just want to put the shit out," he says. "I just want to get music out for people to listen to. I really don't care if I make money back or not. It's for everyone, not just for myself."

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