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Letters for December 7, 2000

 Dubya gets down and hypocritical: In New Times' November 23 issue, letter writer Lucy Keller, a native Texan, says Vice President Al Gore is "... setting an example for our young people that, if you do not like the rules, you can break them." That statement should refer to George W. Bush, Ms. Keller, the "do as I say, not as I sign" man.

Dubya signed into law in Texas the following (and please correct me if I'm wrong): Ballots may not be counted unless: (1) at least two corners of the chad are detached; (2) light is visible through the hole; (3) indentation on the chad from the stiletto or other object is present and indicates a clearly ascertainable intent of the voter to vote; or (4) the chad reflects by other means a clearly ascertainable intent of the voter to vote." Again, do as I say, not as I sign.

Another Keller quote: "... pushed through by mob rule." That's the GOP, again and again! Intimidation in Miami to stop the recount, "banana republic"­style; thugs from all over the country, including an army of motorcyclists, rally in front of the Broward and Palm Beach courthouses to intimidate. They forgot Broward and Palm Beach are not Miami.

Dear Lucy, the "sore loser" (your words) who refuses to abide by the Constitution is your beloved Dubya, who recently rejected a Florida Supreme Court decision -- crying to the U.S. Supreme Court -- saying that this body is there to "make the laws," not to interpret them. Loser! And [he's] ignorant, too. If he were so confident of his victory, why did he start this mess by requesting an injunction to stop a perfectly legal manual count? It all boils down to commonsense questions: What is the GOP afraid of? Why didn't it request a manual count in other counties? Why did they try to stop the recount in Miami-Dade by intimidation? It might very well turn out in his favor! To cut a long, truculent story short, I ask you to open your mind a little by reading the following uncontested books: Firewall (Lawrence E. Walsh), The Hunting of the President: The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton (Joe Conason and Gene Lyons) and Arrogance of Power: The Secret World of Richard Nixon (Anthony Summers). For more details on the Florida election, please read the letter from Arianna Rose following yours in New Times.

M.S. Jones
Fort Lauderdale

No, thank YOU: Thank you for taking the time to write an article relating to me ("Blowing Smoke," Roger Williams and Bob Whitby, November 23). I must, however, correct the record. I have not ever been nor am I now a Gore operative. I have never called myself a Gore operative or inferred I was. I am a political person who has supported over 20 Republican candidates and over 20 Democratic candidates. I have done this openly and on the record. While it would be fair to call me a political operative -- and on some occasions I have been called a Democratic operative by Republicans and a Republican operative by Democrats -- I am in no form or manner a Gore operative. If there was anything I said that led to this confusion, I am sorry.

As for the loss concerning Commissioner Maude Ford Lee, please note she is no longer a Palm Beach County commissioner. She is a beaten incumbent who was supported with every significant endorsement. She had large funding and the support of most elected officials. In spite of all this, she lost a race that all political viewers felt she could not lose. In addition there is now a law in Palm Beach County that no speaker in a public building can remove the American flag as was done. I do not perceive this as a losing circumstance.

Again, I respect your view on these matters and thank you for your time.

Andre Fladell
Delray Beach

Roger Williams responds: During a November 22 telephone conversation with New Times, Mr. Fladell, while referring to George W. Bush supporters, said, "I guess they're onto me as a Democratic operative for Gore." He is, however, partially correct in challenging our assertion that he lost his battle to unseat District 5 Palm Beach County Commissioner Maude Ford Lee. Addie Greene defeated Lee in a primary election approximately a year after Mr. Fladell termed Lee a racist. Fladell's comment may have contributed to that result.

Broward publisher slashes Strouse: Knowing Chuck Strouse's talent, I was surprised at Undercurrents on November 9. He said our interview was going to be included in a column, and it certainly was. Looks like it was ghostwritten by the Sun-Sentinel.

There is something just plain wrong in it. My daughter does not go to Flanagan High. She did at one time but now does not. Chuck did not ask me about that.

The implied perspective is off base, too. Do you really think we decide business deals or community support based on where my daughter does or doesn't go to school? I currently have a son at Nova and have had other children in the past few years graduate from Nova and Western High.

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