Letters to the Editor

Letters for January 4, 2001

One summer he worked hard in Wyoming -- and vowed never to do it again. The failure of the museum to make any real move to try and purchase the (6500-, not 9000-acre) Wyoming site was due to our inability to count on him to follow through on anything -- even a shell-cataloging activity he was to have completed five years ago! Early on I was concerned about Ed's denigration of everyone and everything -- even the people and products he now champions. As noted in the story, he would snort a lot. He would snort his contempt (to any audience) of our uselessness and of his being locked into a "small, backwater college" rather than being on the staff of the Smithsonian or Field. When he told of his connections, was he asked why he was not in a significant position in one of those institutions? All who know him know why. He has been described as having the unique ability to burn his bridges while standing on them. And he hated me for calling him Eddie.

Again, I read the story with interest, and I confess some amusement at the perceptions and projections. It is a sad story, in fact. Ms. Graves is a fine lady who accomplished a lot but needed help. Certain personality and political factors caused an unnecessary rupture. That is too bad but not the end of the world or of a museum that will continue to grow and progress under the leadership of its board and with Charles Zidar directing. I have every confidence in Charles. And a museum director doesn't have to be rumpled and look like a movie star. Neither does he have to be a self-announced world expert like Dr. Petuch. He just has to care about people and the past and try to employ good business practices.

Robert P. Kelley
Fort Lauderdale

Owing to a reporting error, Jeff Stratton's December 21 Bandwidth column incorrectly stated that Steve Rullman saw police using billy clubs to subdue a man at the City Link Music Fest. While another person interviewed by New Times did witness police using truncheons, Rullman saw the officers strike only the man with their fists. New Times regrets the error.

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