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The Octopus' Garden is a dive with taste

Additionally some fare was overdone. The burger with blue cheese and fried onions had been blackened (the Octopus is overly fond of this method of preparation) first with spices, then put on the grill. Cooked to medium-rare as requested, instead of done as a hockey puck, the hamburger would have been a find. As would have a side order of Cajun onion rings. Too bad these little guys had been left in the deep fryer for longer than it takes to make a strawberry margarita when you've run out of berries and have to go to the market for more.

This casual eatery has legs
Joshua Prezant
This casual eatery has legs

Location Info


The Octopus Garden

1942 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, FL 33020

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Hollywood


954-924-2525. Lunch and dinner daily from 11:30 a.m. till 4 a.m.
1942 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood

The mixed bag that is a full meal at the Octopus' Garden should convince you to forgo the dessert and indulge in a drink instead. But then, if you expect a three-course meal, you should go elsewhere to begin with, because even getting fresh silverware here can be an issue. If you have a party of four or more, don't even bother. And if you have an objection to Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" followed by the Grateful Dead's "Uncle John's Band," again, you're in the wrong scene, man. But if you have a contrary mind keen to direct contradictions -- say you like to sit on a barstool drinking microbrews, head-banging to Metallica one minute and swaying to "My Favorite Things" the next -- the Octopus' Garden can be Eden.

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