Down and Dirty

The Dirty South documents the triumph of down-home hip-hop

Homegrown Uncle Luke events had a major impact in preparing the market for the strip-club aesthetic of contemporary Southern rappers like Ludacris, Trick Daddy, Trina, and even critical darlings OutKast. "I created it," asserts Luke. "I remember the first event I did at [Miami Beach's] Crandon Park in 1975 when I was a DJ, called the Splash Down. I had bikini contests, and it started from there." Luke took the bikini from the beaches to hip-hop video. "As a rapper I wasn't going to go to New York to make a video and look like I'm from somewhere else," explains Luke. "I wanted to be the Dolomite version of rap."

The thongs that inspire the songs
The thongs that inspire the songs

Dolomite indeed. Like the quintessential pimp in the blaxploitation films of the '70s, Luke has instigated and inspired the artists and players of the game for nearly three decades now. The Dirty South closes with the now-defunct Friday-night Uncle Luke Show on 99 Jamz (WEDR-FM 99.1). The radio booth is packed with guest rappers freestyling on the mic. Goaded by Luke, Freaky Red kisses and tongues Gloria, one of the four featured Daytona girls. A honey-brown girl is lifted onto a table and begins gyrating and taking off her clothes while a posse of men eggs her on. In slow motion the camera catches Freaky Red grabbing Gloria's crotch beneath her Lycra catsuit. Shortly afterward, in the parking lot outside the radio station, Freaky Red and the honey-brown stripper get into a catfight, which eventually is broken up by large men. Hoarse from screaming, Freaky Red accuses the stripper from the rival club, Black Gold, of wearing "$10 shoes from Traffic" and having "stretch marks." To better her rival, Freaky Red unsnaps her skirt and reveals a very fuzzy pubis. In response the other stripper pulls down her panties to reveal a tattoo that reads "delicious." Someone off camera yells, "No more! No more!" The picture fades.

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