Booby Traps

Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt keep abreast of crime in Heartbreakers

The supporting cast makes the most of what's available. Hackman snags some of the best lines ("There is nothing sexier than smoke billowing proudly out of a woman's hot... red... engorged... nostrils"), and Liotta is particularly funny when enraged. As Love Hewitt's love interest, Jason Lee (Chasing Amy) manages the difficult feat of being patient, congenial, witty, and wise while receiving no such qualities in return. Again, utter nonsense, but his astronomer-barman affords the story some sense of gravity. Anne Bancroft, SNL's Kevin Nealon, and Tim Burton regular Jeffrey Jones also show up briefly to jerk and be jerked around.

Weaver (right) wants Love Hewitt to follow in her footsteps
Weaver (right) wants Love Hewitt to follow in her footsteps


Screenplay by Robert Dunn, Paul Guay, and Stephen Mazu

Essentially Heartbreakers' implausible level of comedy just grows tedious, as it's neither smartly witty (like Nurse Betty's delusions) nor full-throttle absurd (like, say, semen as hair gel). This bust-out premise should have racked up bountiful titters, but -- despite vague nips of cleverness -- we're merely smothered in the bosom of ennui.

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