Letters to the Editor

Letters for April 5, 2001

Thanks again for an outstanding piece of writing. You could have published that in any national music rag, it was so well written and reported. Outstanding job. Keep up the good work!

Matt Sizing
via the Internet

Coppers should do their job:
Emma Trelles' interesting article ("Street Life," February 15) drew interesting constructive comments, which shows that if we citizens got together to take control of our streets, we could implement solutions that work and are very inexpensive. Have you ever tried calling 911 as a nonemergency to report people selling drugs or prostituting in full view in front of your business or domicile? The police simply find it ridiculous receiving such calls,... as if to say "How dare you expect the police to perform real work?"

If you call from a payphone by an all-night eatery such as IHOP or Denny's, you will notice that none of the police cars parked nearby will move out to take care of business. After all, aren't they paid to conduct idle chat, eat all night long, and later collect fat pensions? My proposition: Fire the entire police department and let us hire 15 percent as many people, saving lots of taxpayers' dollars. The new cops might actually work instead of sitting, eating, chatting, et cetera. Right now we are getting robbed bigtime by the whole police department.

Paramjit Singh
via the Internet

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