A Little Tail

Butt seriously folks, you can bet your bottom dollar that Tails Tropic Island Grill won’t be bringing up the rear

Good idea, because the barbecue wasn't impressive enough to sustain an entire eatery. We opted for the more unusual boars' ribs over baby-back pork ribs, knowing that most pork ribs are imported from Denmark, where there has been an outbreak of mad cow disease; Danish pork ribs have been banned from U.S. markets. A pity, because the boar ribs were both tough and fatty. They might have been tasty had they been rendered properly; ribs need to be precooked with spices or a marinade before they're grilled in order to help break down the fibers.

However, the Jerk Shack, with its funky bar and biker-boy clientele, is where I'll sit when I come back to Tails. The view from here is a beaut, and with a tropical drink in one hand and fresh tropical chips (yuca, taro, boniato, and yam) in the other, I'm satisfied to rest my feet, along with my higher expectations. DeAtley says a new menu is going into rotation any day now, so I'm hopeful that the discards will include the items that didn't work but not the ones that did. After all, with a well-executed menu -- the kitchen should try refocusing on a smaller list -- the spot deserves a look-see.

Welcome to Midriff Tropic... er, Tails Tropic Island Grill
Joshua Prezant
Welcome to Midriff Tropic... er, Tails Tropic Island Grill

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Tails Tropic Island Grill

2635 N. Riverside Drive
Pompano Beach, FL 33062

Category: Restaurant > Grill

Region: Pompano Beach


954-946-8245. Lunch and dinner Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. till 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday till midnight, Sunday till 9 p.m.
2635 N. Riverside Dr., Pompano Beach

But for God's sake, put some clothes on these girls. The only tart on the menu should be the key lime pie.

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