Slammin' Sammy keeps hitting, but his Broward County foundation whiffs

Undercurrents loves those kinds of stories. So we called Trovillion's Tallahassee office to hear a few salacious tidbits. But he wasn't in -- at the capitol library, perhaps. His secretary faxed us some backup information on this odious new trend, including a Web link to a lengthy screed published by the conservative group Family Research Council, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, called Dangerous Access, 2000 Edition: Uncovering Internet Pornography in America's Libraries. Broward County libraries are mentioned three times in the report, including this repugnant anecdote, quoted here to illustrate the severity of the situation. (Readers with weak stomachs are advised to skip to the next paragraph.)

"[A] young man probably 13 or 14 years old had accessed something having to do with sex with animals. He acted strangely, perhaps also masturbating. I asked him questions about what he was doing and after a while he left."

What further evidence do we need of the Internet's deleterious effect on our youth?

Sam Morrison, Broward County's library director, claims no knowledge of whacking in the stacks. "I certainly would have heard about it," he says. We beg to differ. Masturbators are as slippery as they are deviant.

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