Flower Power

The owners of a new gallery want to turn a few sheets of colorful blotter acid paper into a full-fledged exhibition. Are they hallucinating?

But the back room, which was in a state of disarray when I visited, is shaping up to be a space devoted to work that more closely fits the description "fine art." Some of Cantley's older works on canvas are on display here, along with a few drawings by the widely exhibited gay South Florida artist Alexander, including portraits of South Florida's late but still well known female impersonator Dana Manchester. Among a handful of pieces by local photographer Steve Shires, I spied a cheeky 1998 sepia print titled 'Scuse Me, in which a longhaired fellow looks back over his shoulder toward us, his pants dropped as he presumably takes a leak.

Blotter acid art is cool
Blotter acid art is cool


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At the moment Moonflowers has a little bit of everything and not much of anything, which is understandable for a gallery that has had its doors open for only a few months. But Cantley is enthusiastic and supportive of local artists, and as one of the many whose work has been rejected by some big-name area exhibitions, including the Hortt Competition, he's determined to provide display space for art that might otherwise go unseen. Stop by Moonflowers to check out its current small inventory, especially the two pieces of blotter acid paper art by Leary, and then keep an eye on the gallery to see what direction it takes.

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