Lights! Camera! Conspiracy! A local filmmaker blames Hollywood’s mayor for Gus Boulis’s untimely demise.

Lundin went to film school, and he has a couple minor credits to his name -- most notably Morning Swim, a political talk show pilot he produced for WAMI in 1999, and a documentary on the Miami goth scene titled Gothic that aired on the same station, also in 1999. He's betting heavily on his film-school contacts giving him a hand, but it's funny how people suddenly get real busy when you push a screenplay across their desks.

He's lived in Hollywood for five years and ran for city commission in 1998. "I will never run for anything like that again for the rest of my life," he muses. "It's got to be the worst job in the world."

Why? People like him, for one reason.

"People in Hollywood attack you," he says, fully aware of the irony. "Look at me. I'm trying to destroy Mara's reputation."

While we're at the movies, we might as well mention that South Florida is the likely backdrop of another flick -- this one scripted by Tony Tarantino, a.k.a. Quentin's dad.

The working title is New Horizons, and Undercurrents has a copy of the screenplay in our waterlogged claw. Speaking from his office in Lancaster, California, Tarantino Sr. describes his baby as "a chick flick, because it has a serious love story," but to us it reads more like an action/adventure/sci-fi vehicle for Tom Cruise. In other words it's a typical Hollywood offering these days.

Tony Tarantino wrote the screenplay with Cruise in mind. "I said, "Shit, this kid deserves an Academy Award. I'm going to write the vehicle that gets him one.'" Cruise isn't 100 percent onboard yet, he notes. But the deal is this close to closing. (Translation from Hollywoodspeak: Give it a 50-50 shot.) It's an independent effort from the man who heads the production company responsible for obscure movies including Family Tree and the soon-to-be-released Holy Hollywood, along with a TV series or two and a few radio programs.

The story revolves around Jim Terrell, a young lad raised by his rich uncle Al Terrell after the untimely death of mom and pop. Al heads up Terrell Pharmaceuticals, a company that -- unbeknownst to its stockholders -- has perfected human cloning.

Young Jim leads a carefree lifestyle, but he lacks true love. Then he meets Jolene Coe (Tarantino would like to see Catherine Zeta-Jones in the role), who is on the lam from a Colombian drug lord. They hop aboard Jim's boat, the New Horizons, with hopes of sailing away from the world's troubles. Alas, the Colombians catch up to Jolene, and she has a terrible "accident." As she lies dying, Uncle Al sends a special medical team to extract her DNA. Meanwhile Jim vows revenge and goes Rambo on the Colombians. Once his murderous rampage is complete, he returns home to raise his "son" and "daughter," who turn out -- plot twist coming -- to be clones of himself and Jolene!

The yacht scenes will be filmed here and in New England and Italy, says producer Annie Gabriel, who is in town scouting for locations and extras. She hopes to start filming in June or July. New Horizons could cost as much as $90 million to make, says Gabriel. "We're still working on funding," she says in an annoyingly cheerful singsong. Ciao, baby.

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