Hollywood Gaming

By bringing the audience along for the ride, Game Show rides a rising wave

In his interactions with the audience, Fiacco, with his toothy grin and enthusiastic finger-pointing, is appropriately "on" all the time. Darryl Solomon, as a peon production assistant, plays the game show dilettante to a tee; however, considering the importance Solomon's role takes on, a little more subtlety could be incorporated into his character.

Overall these actors do an excellent job. Their timing is impeccable, and the energy they throw into this nonstop production is commendable. Though the audience at a recent show was small, these actors managed to create a feeling of a far better turnout (no small feat). Game Show has infused Hollywood Playhouse's typically retiree-age audience with some young blood, reinvigorating the place by incorporating something new and adventurous. Whether you head over because your TV's on the blink or because you want to see something unusual, Game Show is a compelling and entertaining experience.

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