Letters to the Editor

Letters for July 12, 2001

Had you called, Jeff, you would have found out how I explained to him that the Poor House is nothing but cement, windows, and mirrors. Sound bounces around very easily, which makes it almost impossible for my bartenders to take a drink order. Derek assured me that would be no problem. As far as what happened between Jay [Hemple] and Derek, I don't even think they spoke. I was there for the first set, and I thought they were great. The next day I got reports that Derek would not control his volume, which explains why Jay was upset. I called Derek to find out what was up with the volume and to inform him that he would lose his weekend date and that I couldn't afford to lose customers due to volume. But I told him he could keep his next dates in June and July. I also said that, if he could prove to me he could control the volume and work with my employees, I would put him into the weekend rotation. I did so because I like his music, Jeff, but then again I also like Julio Iglesias.

So, it came as a total surprise to me when Derek called on June 6. He said he wasn't booked. But Jeff, why would I advertise that Cintron was booked June 7 if he wasn't? That would make me as bad at business as you are at reporting. Jeff, if only you had called, maybe you would have been writing about the sensational performance by Derek Cintron at the Poor House on June 7 and about his upcoming date in July.

Jeff, seeing as I'm the only one who could have thwarted Derek (not Jay Hemple), and I never did, one of us is lying. If you were misled, that's unfortunate. If only you had called.... But, there's no question in my mind who shouldn't be writing for New Times.

Robert Pignone
via the Internet

Derek Cintron responds: Just wanted to back you up and state once and for all and for the record:

Bob [Pignone] himself told me what Jay Hemple said. I didn't exaggerate his comments at all; I repeated them verbatim. I even have a witness. (Bob also spoke to my guitar player, Tony Medina.) The last conversation I had with Bob from the Poor House ended with the following statement: "Jay doesn't want you playing here again at all, so I have to cancel your May 26th Saturday-night gig, but I'll call you back if I can get you in on another Thursday night." No call came.

The Poor House's calendar is irrelevant; our band was never notified of any pending show beyond May 26. That is why WE NEVER KNEW ABOUT THE JUNE 7 SHOW or any other supposed performance, for that matter. Everything in the New Times article was truthful and accurate, and everything stated here is the same. Anyone attacking Jeff Stratton for writing untruthful stuff in that last article should be talking to me!

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