Letters to the Editor

Letters for July 19, 2001

My editors told me they were sorry to see me go. Perhaps that changed once I published a story in Editor & Publisher describing the election mess, and I'm really sorry about that. The piece came off in a way I did not intend. It was written hastily and poorly and offended many by downplaying their contributions to the Sun-Sentinel's excellent postelection coverage. No, it was not through some brilliant journalism skill of mine that the world knows about the butterfly ballot; I had intended only to describe what it was like to be at the epicenter when it happened. It was a remarkable stroke of luck to be assigned to the routine task of covering voting problems and then see those problems change history.

I wouldn't have spoken publicly about this except that your newspaper has allowed someone to imply something about my employment history and situation that is outrageous and false.

Steve Friess
via the Internet

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