A Real Corker

Dues paid, the punk stalwarts of Corky have come up in the world

In the months that followed, the band ventured north to Ray's Downtown Blues in West Palm Beach, where Flores's then-girlfriend passed out on-stage during Corky's set and later threw up in his dad's car. From there the rockers plundered FU*BAR in Fort Lauderdale and virtually every other South Florida joint with a stage and a microphone. "We're not in a position to turn down any shows," Flores admits. "Call us, and we'll play your living room."

This past April the punkers reached several milestones. In true Spinal Tap fashion, Corky's first road gig took place at the University of South Florida's annual block party in Tampa. "It was bizarre," Flores recalls. "They had dunking booths and elephant-ear stands. Frat boys were gawking at us like we were from another planet. We felt like Corky the Punk-Rock Freak Show."

Despite the carnival atmosphere, Corky's members learned an important lesson: "We wanted to see if we could stand each other for more than 24 hours," Rotolo states. "Since I didn't kill any of them, despite how weird our show was, I know now that we can survive a tour."

The local punkers of Corky have played everywhere but your living room
The local punkers of Corky have played everywhere but your living room


10 p.m. Tuesday, August 14. Call 305-757-1807. The band will also appear on a bill with the Ridicules Saturday, August 18, at 10 p.m. at Sound Splash, 5101 Georgia Ave., West Palm Beach; call 561-585-7680.
Churchill's, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami

Back home Corky caught the attention of concert promoter Grant Hall, who immediately became a fan of the group's unique approach and booked a string of shows for the band. "They're good guys," he declares, "and it comes out in their music. They're not here to rip the joint apart. They are all about having fun and playing good music. It's very refreshing with all the wannabe tough guys out there."

As the punkers record a new batch of songs, Corky's mission is taking on a new urgency. "I don't want a day job," Rotolo insists. "I want to play music for a living. If there are any labels out there who want us, let them know: We have a price."

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