Letters to the Editor

Letters for August 9, 2001

Drunken drivers have been known to tear families to pieces. Teenagers whose inhibitions have been lowered are more likely to try drugs or continue to do drugs during their moments of alcoholic euphoria. Nightclubs and cafés found guilty of serving minors surely are close to the end of their ride. Gatsby's is simply protecting its own interests, as should any successful business. CocoLoco's and Gatsby's are clubs from different cultures. Both deserve respect for what they have to offer the community.

Mitchell Pellecchia

Bet he likes bleach: White greetings from Port St. Lucie! I read with amusement a letter in your July 5 edition in which the writer ridiculed my pro-British position. The author of the letter said among other things that the Egyptians were an advanced civilization before the British, as if that somehow discredited my position. I hope the author of the letter is aware that Egyptian civilization was Sumerian in origin and therefore white. I assume the author is of the "Afrocentric school of history," which teaches a pseudohistory that goes so far as to claim that ancient "black Egyptians" had wings and could fly until the "evil whites" came along and shot them down.

I also found it rather amusing to read in the same issue that some white South Africans were decrying white racism. If black rule in South Africa was all so wonderful then why, pray tell, did they flee to America to escape it? Could it be that they are like typical American white liberals who preach that integration is great for us poor white peons but not for them? They force integration and black rule upon the rest of us from the seclusion and safety of their gated communities.

Shouldn't those white liberals from South Africa take the next flight back to their "integrated paradise" and set an example for the rest of us poor white peons who are too ignorant to realize the joys and thrills of living under black rule?

Respectfully yours for God, race, and nation,
Bishop John David Alder
European American Episcopal Church of Florida
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How many roads must Stratton walk down before they...: Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed Jeff Stratton's March 1 article "Blowin' in the Wind." Not that I'm a New Order fan, I'm just rather into the melodica, particularly as played by Augustus Pablo. I share Jeff's feelings in regard to the instrument's lowly status and the way it's criticized. Many years ago I went into my local music store to order a Hohner model only to be told by the owner that he thought it looked like some kind of sex aid!

I think the point of the melodica is its simplicity. I can certainly relate to Calvin Johnson's remarks that "I just make it up as I go along." It is an instrument that seems ideally to lend itself to improvisation. I'm not a keyboard player or technically gifted musician, but I do have a good musical ear, and the melodica just seems to let you blow along to any tune, which is very rewarding in its own way. This in itself merits more respect for the instrument.

Richard Smith
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