Letters to the Editor

Letters for August 30, 2001

My point in writing this letter is not to exalt any specific group. Nor is it to denigrate anyone. But what I do want to say is that confronting hatred and intolerance requires an understanding of its source(s) and an analytical, not emotional approach. America is more than 200 years old, and with the extensive history of miscegenation that has and continues to occur, there is absolutely no excuse (especially in a region as diverse as South Florida) for the persistence of this sickness! I can only continue to hope that we will wake up and find a cure for this source of spiritual decay!

Timothy Stinson

The bishop has soul: Recently, while passing through the city of Port St. Lucie on a trip to the east coast, I picked up a copy of your paper. I really like the layout and am writing to compliment you on a job well done.

Also I want to comment on Bishop Alder's letter. Now, I don't consider myself better than any man of any race. Nor do I have the power to oppress anybody of any color, but I must say I agree with Bishop Alder 110 percent.

The problem today is that unlimited immigration is slowly leading our country down the path of destruction. With the admittance of masses of immigrants comes more crime, disease, and taxes. So I agree with Bishop Alder. Shouldn't those white liberals from South Africa take the next flight back to their "integrated paradise" and set an example for the rest of us poor white peons who are too ignorant to realize the joy of living under black rule?

Paul Lloyd
Bartow, Florida

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