What a Mouthful!

With the founding of his own steak house, Howard Schnellenberger has finally arrived

No matter how you spell it, Schnellenberger means good steak
No matter how you spell it, Schnellenberger means good steak


Dinner Monday through Thursday from 4 till 11 p.m., Friday till midnight. Lunch and dinner Saturday from noon till midnight, Sunday till 10 p.m. Call 954-382-1018.
Closed Location

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Schellenberger's honors college partyers by offering a drink (if you have the stomach for it) called Kentucky hooch, comprising Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, and grain alcohol. Not especially desiring a retrospective of my freshman year, I passed on both the hooch and the "adult milkshake" (Kahlúa, Baileys, and Malibu rum blended with ice cream) in favor of a more intoxicating substance: the substantial, gooey brownie sundae. It may not have quite the same punch as grain alcohol, but you can bet that a good dose of brain freeze will have the same effect as the hooch or for that matter a couple of head-on tackles: The surprising desire to return to Coach Schnellenberger's The Original Steakhouse & Sports Theatre -- even if you can't remember the whole name.

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