The Heart of Whiteness

The South Florida Aryan Alliance, the World Church of the Creator, the Aryan Werwulfes: They're here, they're white, get used to it

He asserts that his group, while usually berated in media circles, should actually be a case study of how people could live. "We are a group of guys that are proud of our heritage, and we're proud to be white," he says, his face becoming increasingly animated as he starts talking, his eyes narrowing as his mouth widens, making the W.P on his neck dance. "Whenever you get a large group of blacks together, they act uncivilized. They call each other dog. They use words that are not found in the English dictionary. They just can't get along and function appropriately in modern society."

As Doug speaks the brothers nod in agreement. "I went to a magnet school growing up," the 19-year-old Bobby chimes in softly. "It was completely saturated. I had a lot of problems growing up. These are always beliefs I've had; the Alliance has fed them. I'm a lot stronger now."

Dennis concurs. His goal, he says, is to wake people up. "Blacks are taught to band together. Jews are the same. Even the faggots. There's gay pride, black pride. But no teacher will tell you, "Hey, it's OK for you to be proud of being white.' The biggest misconception is our ignorance. We come from the greatest bloodline of all time, and there's no shame in that."

Sean Quinn preaches the anti-Christian gospel of the World Church of the Creator
Michael McElroy
Sean Quinn preaches the anti-Christian gospel of the World Church of the Creator



With the exception of Doug, all of the brothers are locals. They grew up in Broward and Palm Beach counties, and they feel their neighborhoods and communities have declined during their lifetimes. "Broward County is the number one county in the country per capita for AIDS," Charlie states. "I think it's also interesting to note that the government will take care of niggers that are spitting out babies but that there are white people in this country, people that founded this country, who are starving."

I listen as they articulate their plan for remaking America and find that it's easy to get caught up in their populist rhetoric. Being something of a fiscal conservative, I catch myself nodding in agreement to some of their proposals regarding welfare and taxes. I'm feeling relatively comfortable around these guys -- and then Kent shows up.

At 32 years old, Kent is the elder statesman of the group. He brought four friends with him, bringing the number of Aryans in the room to ten. Kent is quick-witted and speaks with a striking vocabulary. "Immigrants should come to this country and work for it, embrace it," Kent says. "But what's happening is that illegal aliens are crossing the borders and holding their hands out to our government. And we're filling their hands full. We can't do that. These immigrants are sponges, and you can't just be a fucking sponge. A sponge can only hold so much water. We're going to wring it out."

Then he turns the tide a little bit. He gives me a hard stare and a very strange look, studying my expression in order to find something -- as if he just sniffed me out for a Jew.

"What kind of paper are you?" he asks. I explain that the photographer and I are with New Times and that I'll give him a chance to say whatever he wants, but by then it's too late.

"We've been fucked over plenty by the Jew media," he snaps. "All it takes is for one line to be changed in what we say." The entire room lets out a resounding "yeah."

Until then I hadn't felt that I was in immediate physical danger around anyone I interviewed for this story. (Well, that sentry thing had kind of creeped me out.) But as they grill me about my intentions, a tiny pang of fear stabs in my gut -- a reasonable fear, I suppose, given that I'm surrounded by Nazis. I keep talking, though, assuring them that I'm not out to fuck them over. When I tell them that the New Times chain was founded by an Irish guy in Phoenix, they begin to calm down. (Anti-Catholicism doesn't seem to be one of their big issues.)

Still, after that brief interrogation, I'm on edge for the rest of the interview. The Aryans begin to stir, and then I start to notice other details about my surroundings. In the corner of the room, the boys have hung two large flags, one of the swastika, the other of the white-circled cross on a black background. Mike, inexplicably, has a gas mask nearby. When they pose for a picture, they all strike the Sieg Heil pose. Charlie has numerous Nazi tattoos, including several swastikas, the Nazi eagle, and some Iron Crosses.

The banter took us into the early morning hours, and one thing became very clear to me. The ADL is wrong to be dismissive of this group. The Aryans have numbers, they have book smarts, and they have sympathizers all over the country. Whereas the different white-pride organizations were at odds in the past, they're consolidating now. The Aryan Alliance, the WCOTC, the Wolves, the Klan, the American Friends of the British National Party -- all have begun to view one another as brothers in arms. And all are trying to wake white people up and prepare them for the inevitable Racial Holy War.

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