Letters to the Editor

Letters for September 13, 2001

But when you hear stories of a cop using physical force beyond what is necessary in a situation, it is alarming. No innocent person should ever feel any sense of fear when they are around a police officer. Intimidating a person into a confession is one of the worst tactics I have ever heard of. Any confession obtained through intimidation has great chances of including false information. Guilty until proven innocent is not the frame of mind I thought police officers were supposed to have. Is it possible for the police and the public to work together in cooperation? It would take much effort and trust from both sides, but if it succeeded, it would hopefully eliminate many of the excessive-force charges levied against cops as well as citizens' fears.

Leah Jones

You bet he'll stick to it, like gum to your shoe: I read Bob Norman's article about the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation ("Beaten, Burned, and Raped," August 9) and the alleged mistreatment of Joe Cox. The Internet address of the article is making the rounds of FINR "alumni," of whom I am one. I would like to congratulate Mr. Norman on a fine piece of investigative journalism. I hope he will stick with the story.

David McCraney
via the Internet

Soccer means politics: "Lying for Kicks" (Strouse, June 28) is a piece of excellent work. It reflects the state of the matters in Paraguay. I hope you continue providing more information about this case, since it is of interest to Paraguayans like myself, as well as anyone who is interested in fighting against corruption in Latin America.

Dr. Segundo Ibarra
via the Internet

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