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Letters for September 27, 2001

 An inferiority complex bred their racism: In regard to "The Heart of Whiteness" by Adam Pitluk (September 6), I am not Jewish or African, and I am not a racist. I am of Russian descent, 35 years old, and male. I grew up in north Philly in a rough neighborhood of mixed ethnicity. When I was 13 or 14 years old, I got into the early punk movement. I was alienated from the mainstream crowd mostly by my own choice. I knew some skinheads around this time. For the most part they were a lot like myself: typical alienated, white, adolescent boys. They wanted to be part of something that they could visualize as a way of kinship. These guys were my friends. Now there was this older guy who had been in jail, had some serious tattoos, been around, et cetera. Thinking back, this guy had some serious mental problems. He hated everybody. But when you're young and impressionable, you look up to idiots like this.

I could go on about all the Nazi propaganda that he was preaching; I'm sure you know it all. Someone probably inspired this guy the same way he was trying to inspire us. Maybe his father? The truth is that he did not take responsibility for his own life. His condition and status in life were the result of everyone else. It was all their fault. They did this to him. He could rationalize everything down to the finest detail. This is what Hitler and the Nazis did, but to many more people and with more dire results. Look at the rise of the Third Reich. As intelligent and motivated as they were, they were the same people that put Adam's grandmother in a box for three days. Because of this collective societal rationalizing, these people did these things to other people.

What about the Khmer Rouge? One-fifth of the world's population is lying in fields of bones in Cambodia. Religion has killed (and still kills) more people than all wars combined. I would not know if you were Jewish or Catholic unless you told me. I don't even care, but in Northern Ireland that difference could get you killed. These guys that you fairly interviewed fell into the same collective thought process that many others, myself included, have fallen into.

Being white is not like it was 50 years ago... nor is being any other color, creed, or religion. There isn't a whole lot of difference separating us from the rest of the animals -- just DNA, and possibly love and hate. We humans are a fluke. We will be the cause of our own destruction and probably the planet. These [Werwulfes] are really the ones that are afraid. They are scared deep down inside and they have an inferiority complex that can be deeply, mentally debilitating. They will always be around in some type of way, shape, or form. But it will never be like 1944 again. They are just a bad joke.

Unfortunately every once in a while they are inspired to commit some cowardly act of violence. Where will they be in ten years ? Prison or dead? In the so-called information age, they are getting left behind real fast. The more they speak, the more stupid it gets. How can these people be so scared of everyone else? Let them move to Utah and have CNN videotape them marching around and saluting each other. I give Pitluk credit for interviewing them. It took a lot of balls.

Name withheld by request
via the Internet

She's with us on the Web: I run several modeling organizations (see www.internetmodels.org), and some popular model forums are on my Website, nationalforums.com. I am so glad someone finally said something about the eModel.com problem (Wyatt Olson, "Hustling for Models," September 6).

The main problem my model friends face in the eModel situation is that up to ten eModel scouts per day are e-mailing them. Most of these online eModel scouts are goofs who can't get a date, so they somehow become eModel scouts and try to get pretty women to e-mail them.

EModels has been a constant topic for discussion in online modeling forums. Problem is these online scouts trawl for new models anywhere they can find them online, including AOL chat rooms. We have several problems with what we call "trolls." There are also other companies that have scammed models in all states.

The most serious problems we have are men who pose as photographers and agents in forums online and then assault, rape, and scam models. There is very little media coverage of these problems.

Tracey Walker
via the Internet

C'mon Eydie, see it her way: This is in response to reader Evelyn Knowles's September 6 letter. Dear Evelyn, perhaps you and Eydie Cubarrubia (who wrote "Gravy Train," August 16) are just looking at this dog-park thing the wrong way. Has either of you ever been to one of these parks? Dogs don't usually take themselves, their PEOPLE take them! These PEOPLE are of all ages and consist of families, families with kids, teenagers, and senior citizens. They may be rich, they may be poor; some are black, and some are white. (Dogs certainly would never discriminate!) So why don't you just consider these places as parks for PEOPLE who just happen to have dogs!

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