Letters to the Editor

Letters for October 4, 2001

Thank you for your help. If you know of anything that I and others could possibly do, I would appreciate your further help. Thank you once again.

Kelly Micheau
via the Internet

Or screwed by someone else? I am a modeling agent in the Southeast representing about nine male models. Thank you so much for your article. My guys and I were bugged to death by eModel.com. They wanted to sign my clients, but I resisted because I just didn't think it was necessary to go through them. Anyway, there is another company in the modeling industry I am battling. It's called W.I.S.H. and is based in Pennsylvania. Go to their Website at modelrep.com. Their claims make eModel.com look tame by comparison. They don't state the quality of their "services," only the quantity. They keep e-mailing my guys through a modeling/talent Website called webtalent.com. I got a copy of their contract and... well, it was so open-ended that it really didn't guarantee anything concrete. The model even has to put up a security deposit, which he or she earns back through a profit-sharing program. It could be as little as a dollar a month. First they claimed it would take about a year, then they started saying two years and now three years to earn back the $275.

The photographers they use for their models (who come to your hometown) are of the mall or Wal-Mart type. When I asked them about these things, they threatened to sue me for libel. And they claim to be signing hundreds, even thousands, of models every week. In fact they refuse to tell me much of anything. They just repeat the same stuff over and over and over. They make it sound great, just like a car salesman. Check them out. Tell them you are a model, and send them your picture! When I tried to pin them down through e-mails, they got mad, and the owner called me an "Internet loser" and an "evil" person. Some company, huh? Thanks for your time.

Tony Whitehead
TNT Models
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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