Letters for November 15, 2001

Crabbing About Jen

Imagine -- this hateful asshole couldn't even muster the $600 to front his $6000 bond to get out of jail! (And his girlfriend was smart enough to keep him locked up for two weeks too.) Shank is simply the garden variety of hatemonger -- nothing special about him, other than he needs a haircut and looks like Ebenezer Scrooge in the photo New Times ran of him. We've heard his type of yip-yap dozens of times before. Nothing new here.

Amazingly, this ignoramus said that distrust of Jews came from reading the Bible! Doesn't he know that his savior, Jesus Christ, was a Jewish rabbi? Is it he you distrust, Lloyd, or just his Jewish teachings? You do know Christianity was invented after Jesus was crucified by the Romans, don't you?

In closing, how ironic that Jewish lawyers and the ACLU defended this daffy old schmuck!

Harvey Slavin

We're down about this: National Depression Screening Day took place this year on October 11. The media played an important and major role in helping to get out the word about this important project and encourage those who may be silently suffering to seek the help they need and deserve.

Regrettably, the announcement of National Depression Screening Day in New Times was probably meant to be lighthearted but instead was insensitive and misinformed ("Night & Day," October 11). Most people with clinical depression do not "spend their days curled up in a fetal position in bed." People with depression are doctors and lawyers and waitresses and clerks. They are our mothers and fathers, our sisters and brothers, our children, our neighbors. They are old and young, and rich and poor; they are of all ethnic and social backgrounds. Clinical depression costs our economy $44 billion a year. It is one of this country's greatest public health issues.

The public is very often misguided about mental illnesses; we expect more from New Times. If you missed the opportunity to be screened, don't let stigma and misinformation get in your way. You can call the Mental Health Association of Broward County at 954-746-2055 to arrange for a screening at a location near you.

Marcia Pinck, Campaign Director
Mental Health Association
Fort Lauderdale

Erratum: In the November 8 issue, New Times incorrectly reported that the restaurant Mineo's is out of business. Mineo's is in fact still in operation and is located at 4621 Griffin Rd. in Davie. We regret the error.

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