Osama's Bull's-eye

Two Stuart men find a novel way to exact revenge on the notorious Saudi: Take him to court.

The two men look at each other warily when asked for a tour of the fallout shelter. "We don't want to get into a lot of detail in regard to that," Pitchford counters. "Let's put it this way: The fear is there enough that we've made arrangements in the event anything happens here." Again, he hesitates as a broader reality settles in. "Probably wouldn't even help with the types of attacks we're seeing."

Press accounts briefly noted the suit when it was filed, and friends and neighbors of the two men reacted positively to the news -- except for one fellow who chided Bruner, "You're going to bring anthrax down on all of Stuart." There's even been some neighborly ribbing. Recently, Pitchford noticed his neighbor preparing a large plywood sign. When Pitchford asked its purpose, the neighbor joked, "I'm going to put it in your yard to point out who sued bin Laden. That red paint over there is for a bull's-eye."

Fred Harper

The men intend to broaden the complaint into a class-action suit, but that's the least difficult of tasks at this stage. A dicier prospect is serving the suit on bin Laden in his Afghan cave. Bruner and Pitchford have a plan, but not surprisingly, they're tight-lipped. "We have a means by which we're going to get service on him," Pitchford promises. "It's not going to get served on him directly, but there is means to obtain good service. I don't want it printed. I don't want to tip my hand and have them defend against it."

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